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  • CHF769.00


    Lightweight Headworn Cardioid (VT800 + VT600) beige, in black case

    incl. standard connector: TA3F (for AKG) or TA4F (for Mipro/Shure/Sabine) or TA5F (for Lectrosonics SMB&SMDB/UM&LM Series) or 3.5mm SONY locking (for Sennheiser Evolution Series/SONY)

    (Made in Switzerland)

  • CHF825.00

    VT860MKIIH/Case (Lemo...

    Lightweight Headworn Cardioid (VT800 + VT600) beige, in black case with strap

    with Lemo 3-pin Stecker for Sennheiser SK50, 2000 Series